The combination of a Green Johanna and a Winter Jacket helps to maintain the composting process in low temperatures.

  • High-capacity high-performing composter designed to compost all food waste including meats, fish, dairy and other foodstuffs.
  • Produces rich compost in a matter of months.
  • Simply scrape your plate into the digester at the end of your meal to avoid mess in your internal and external bins.
  • Can be used with internal and external food waste caddies and compostable liners as a complete domestic food waste management system.
  • Reduces the amount of methane-producing organic waste sent to landfill in areas with no local authority food waste collection.
  • Patented vented base and lid aeration system facilitates safe aerobic digestion of food waste.
  • Robust modular screw-locked design significantly reduces threat of rodent ingress.
  • Supplied with compost aerator to stir compost every few weeks.
  • Manufactured with 100% recycled plastic.

For more information please download our Green Johanna composting handbook.

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