The Green Cone is a solar-powered food waste digester that efficiently disposes of all food waste - including cooked food, meat, fish (even bones) and dairy - with no turning or stirring required.

Made in the UK from 100% recycled plastic, the Green Cone has an expected lifespan of 10 years or more. 

Dug into a hole in well-draining soil in a sunny position, the Cone reduces more than 90% of its contents to nutrient-rich water, which drains out of its underground basket and feeds surrounding soil.

Embedding the Cone in soil means that bacterial digestion occurs below ground level so any odours are absorbed by the soil.

Unlike the Green Johanna, the Green Cone does not accept garden waste or produce compost.

Solar heating

The Green Cone uses solar heating in its double-walled chamber to speed up the aerobic decomposition process in the underground digestion basket.  

The basket should be placed in a hole about 70cm wide/54cm deep in free-draining soil (not clay or chalk) in a sunny spot in the garden.

Food waste should be dropped into the Cone directly, not in bags of any kind, even compostable ones. Waste lands in the underground basket, where micro-organisms and worms enter and begin to break it down. The upper part of the Cone above ground remains empty: the inner and outer cones create a heat trap of circulating air that facilitates the growth of beneficial micro-organisms and promotes the aerobic digestion process.

A small amount of waste residue is produced which can be emptied every few years and dug into garden soil.

A well-positioned Cone can digest the food waste produced by the average household. 

The regular addition of a little accelerator powder (a mixture of natural bacteria on a cereal base) is necessary to boost the digestion process.

The Cone comes with a free kitchen caddy and a starter pack of accelerator powder.

Fully guaranteed for five years.

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