The 245 litre Maze Compost Tumbler transforms food and garden waste into a rich, nutrient-dense compost with next to no effort at all. 

The Tumbler's two compartments enable continuous composting. When the first compartment is full, you start on the second. Once this side is full the first side is ready to empty, and the cycle continues.

A unique feature is the gear and handle, which ensures easier turning of the drum: the geared ratchet will automatically lock rotation in any position.

The strong reinforced barrel has been UV protected and contains multiple air vents to promote aerobic decomposition. The large opening and sliding doors allow for the easy addition of waste and collection of ready compost.

The frame of the Compost Tumbler is zinc-coated steel and its open-front design means finished compost can be easily collected from the barrel with plenty of room for a compost cart or bucket to slide in underneath. By rotating the door to face down you are able to slide the door open and let the compost fall into the cart.

The Maze 245 litre compost tumbler is made from 90% recycled plastic.

Five-year guarantee.

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